Patient Testimonials

Patient feedback is critical for any doctor - it helps us constantly improve our level of care. Please find below feedback from some of my happy patients.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery - Breast Reduction

Thanks for the great care you have taken of me throughout the whole operation process, and for creating a new improved me!! Thank you for all the advice you have taken the time to give me, and for above all making everything as painless as possible. KK

Body Contouring - Thigh Lift

I thought long and hard about having this operation – I sought advice and was referred to Mike Riley at BMI’s Paddocks hospital in Princes Risborough near my home. I met with him and he was great – really jelled with him from the off. Only one slight problem – I’d lost so much weight that the degree of complication with my operation made him recommend another doctor – I was both impressed and disappointed by this as we’d hit it off so well.

Body Contouring - Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

At almost 63, my breasts were sagging, my abdominal muscles weak and I had a spare tyre so I decided it was time for some surgery.  When I was researching plastic surgeons, I was extremely impressed with the amount of detailed information to be found on Mark Soldin’s website.

Skin Cancer Surgery - Basal Cell Carcinoma

Mostly I want to thank you for being such a professional, helpful physician.  I felt totally comfortable in your hands and was also deeply impressed with the help you gave the trainee surgeon who attended the operation... Mr P.T

Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Rejuvenation

Many thanks for helping me achieve a lifelong dream. Words cannot say how pleased I am. Also for the very special aftercare you have given me. I have enclosed an up to date picture for you to look at. One of my bosses said the other day having my eyes done has taken years off me - what a confidence booster that was. I have gone out and bought different coloured lenses to enhance my eyes even more. My eyelashes seem a lot longer now, I suppose that's because I don't have those awful hanging eyelids anymore. AP

I know I keep saying it, but I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel. I love getting up in the morning and looking at the new me and it's all thanks to you. AP

Cosmetic Breast Surgery - Breast Reduction

I am so very happy with my 'new look' in clothes... I will want to wear skimpier tops and for the first time not look uneven! JK

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