Frequently Asked Questions

It is natural to have many questions about your surgery. It is important that you have all your queries answered before proceeding with an operation. Below, find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures. Remember that your physician is best able to answer questions and elaborate based on his or her evaluation of your needs.

Will I be charged for my initial consultation?

Yes - Mr Soldin bills for his time. Initial consultations are billed at £260 depending on consultation length.

Will I be charged for follow-up visits and treatments?

Yes - Follow up consultations are billed at £180 usually.

Charges for treatment.

It is Mr Soldin's normal practice to give you a formal written quote before any treatment. If you wish treatment at the initial visit, Mr Soldin can provide you with a cost estimate in clinic

Insurance claims for treatment.

If you are planning on claiming from your insurance for your treatment, it is best to await a formal quote ( with insurance codes ) that you can forward to your medical insurance in advance of any treatments. Not all insurance companies cover the full costs of care. It is your responsibility to settle any bills, so please confirm with your insurance before treatment begins.

Can I see examples of Mr Soldin's work?

Yes. Mr Soldin has pre- and post-operative photographs of his work on this site. There is also a testimonial section worth reading. Additionally some patients have agreed to chat to prospective patients about their treatment.

Who will do my surgery?

Mr Soldin does all procedures. During longer operations he leads a team of nurses and surgeons. In these situations some of the surgery ( suturing for example ) may be done by other surgeons. There is often a registrar who also helps during the operation. The aim is to shorten the length of the anaesthetic and make your operation as safe as possible.

How long do I have to wait for my operation?

It is usually possible to have your surgery within a month to six weeks after your first consultation.

Are the hospitals regulated?

All hospitals used by Mr Soldin are registered with their local Health Authority. They are regulated by and comply with the National Care Standards Act.

What if I change my mind?

You can opt out of a procedure at any time beforehand. If you are uncertain or worried about anything, please contact Mr Soldin to discuss any concerns. He will endeavour to answer all your queries. ( )

What if something goes wrong with my surgery?

No surgery is without risk; these will be carefully explained to you by Mr Soldin. He believes in an absolute duty of care to his patients and at no time after your surgery will you not be able to contact either Mr Soldin or the hospital where you had your surgery. He also has extensive contacts with colleagues in both the private sector and the NHS if any more complex help were needed.


Appointment times vary, usually 30 minutes for a new patient and 15 minutes for a follow up appointment. Mr Soldin bills for his time.  Justine Hughes PA to Mr Soldin - Tel: 07961 221874 would be happy to help you with any queries. Look forward to meeting you. MS

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