Fat Injections

I was a perfectly normal child with a healthy round chubby face until the age of seven when I started to lose the weight from my upper body and face drastically. I was diagnosed with Partial Lipodystrophy which meant I was not able to gain weight above the hip area. I lost all the fat from my face which resulted in an extremely masculine appearance and created dark hollow areas and wrinkles making me look much older than I actually was. I went through most of my life being tormented by horrible names and remarks. I hated going out and would always cover half of my face with my hand because I was so self-conscious. 

I went to visit Dr Soldin and explained my problem and he suggested taking fat from my lower body and injecting it into the face. Naturally I was nervous but was desperate to try something which would help improve my appearance. After the surgery I waited about one week for the swelling to go down and see the results more realistically. I cannot explain in words the improvement it had made. I looked young and healthy-like the years I had missed out on I was then going to make up for. Which I have. It has completely changed my life; I am confident when I speak to people now and go out all the time. Life is so much more enjoyable now. I am 25 years old now and I get more compliments now than I ever have done! 

I have had the procedure done three times now; once each year as each time I have lost some of the fat which was expected but having it done again means building it up and I am having longer lasting results with the third operation so I suppose it is like building the fat up in stages. The result is completely natural looking.

Since the operation I have never looked back. I wish I had had it done sooner. I LOVE life now! - YA

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