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I first met Mr Mark Soldin when I had reached my target weight loss of 10 stone. Excess skin covered my body to the extent that it encumbered my every day thoughts and activities and it became clear that no amount of exercising would reduce the amount of skin I had. Before meeting Mr Mark Soldin I really didn’t know what could be achieved but after my first consultation it became clear that not only could miracles be achieved but I would be in very safe hands. Mr Soldin’s patient care and compassion certainly puts your mind at rest and he’s expertise enables you to put your trust in his hands. We agreed that my first operation would be a lower body lift. This, as Mr Soldin explained, would be the largest of all the operations. He also took the time to explain the procedure of the operation and the healing process. After having my consultation with Mr Mark Soldin he kingly arranged for me to see his nursing colleague so that I could talk through any concerns that had arisen and get to know other members of his team making my healing process an easier transition. Mr lower body life operation went extremely well and my healing process was well cared for by Mr Soldin and his nursing staff. With their time and knowledge my wounds healed quickly revealing an excellent scar line that now is remarkably faint. 

Mr Soldin and I agreed that a suitable amount of resting period was in order before I commenced with the next stage of my transformation and once that had elapsed I was keen to carry on. 

Brachioplasty, Thigh Lift and Breast Augmentation: 

These three procedures were carried out at the same time and I was really keen on this idea as it cuts down on the times that you undergo general anaesthetic and I couldn’t wait to see myself as the results from the first operation where above and beyond what I thought that could be achieved. Once again Mr Mark Soldin and I had a consultation so that he could talk me through what he planned to do and what to expect and ask if I had any concerns or questions’ of which I did not as I knew how capable he was and I didn’t have any questions as he explained everything so well that there really wasn’t anything else to consider. 

My operation went ahead as scheduled and once again was a complete success. After coming round from this operation I noticed that my scars were very well placed and impossibly neat and my breasts were perfectly formed. Although I was still swollen my physical appearance was unbelievably perfect. At that precise moment I knew that my dreams had in fact come true. My recovery went well and I only needed some intervention when I formed a small seroma just above my left knee but this was quickly and efficiently dealt with by Mr Soldin and his team. 


The results of Mr Soldin’s work have certainly gone way beyond anything I though was possible. My confidence has gone from none existent to soaring. All because of one brilliant, talented, clever man. My scars are almost transparent blending in well with the rest of my colouring and there have been no lasting effects from any of the procedures that I have under gone. My only regret is that I waited so long to contact Mr Soldin. – With my Thanks WC

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