Body Contouring - Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Well where do I start I had put on loads of weight since having my baby who I have to add is now 25.I tried very hard to lose weight and about 7 years managed to get at least 4 stone off, however I was then left with this baggy skin and some fat – I can’t lie and say I was or am an ideal weight but let’s be honest what is an ideal weight REALLY!!!! Anyway ‘s I had been promising myself that with all the exercise and eating well this would go away fast forward another few years and it’s still there.This is when I started to look into surgery I contemplated going abroad as it was cheaper but then thought about what if it goes wrong what about the travel etc. etc. 

So I looked around for surgeons and read up and it took about another 2 years before I finally took the plunge, after having consultations with other surgeons I wasn’t sure they didn’t seem to be right for me I didn’t want to feel like I was on a conveyor belt. I then went to my GP who advised me to look at the BMI website which was then where I found Mr Mark Soldin and from the first time I met him he understood my situation and I also have a little issue with boobs but he told me to concentrate on one thing at a time and that if I did my belly then I would probably be more happy with my boobs and he was so right. 

I knew from then he was the surgeon for me and I have to say he met all my expectations and more, I had the most wonderful experience. Pain – no not really to be honest the only thing was the drains when they were removed OMG I would have rather have given birth but it only last for a few minutes and they healed fantastically. and I could not be happier it’s the best money I have ever spent and people spend more on kitchens, bathrooms, cars and holidays that don’t last a lifetime but this will and the effect it had had on my life has been amazing. 

All I have to do now is maintain it. S.Y

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