Cosmetic Breast Surgery - Gynaecomastia (male breast enlargement)

I first knew I wasn't comfortable with my chest when I hit puberty and throughout my adolescence, through the wonders of teenage emotional internalisation, what perhaps was only a minor problem physically, developed into a major problem mentally.

I spent much of my teen years reserved and paranoid and can't remember many days where I didn't worry about people's perceptions of my chest. I knew I had wanted something done for a while but it was not until 16 that I started researching my options. At first I was scared at the severity of the word 'operation' but I went to my GP to ask for a referral but was refused and told I 'should wait until I was 18 as these things get better after puberty'.

I waited two years but the problem got worse so I went back again and unwilling to risk an operation my GP suggested I 'do some push-ups'; by this time I had of course tried everything, losing weight, putting on muscle etc. I demanded a consultation.

Mark Soldin was very understanding and very professional and I had the operation in the December, after my first term of university. The operation went very well and I went home as planned the next day. Sure, it felt like I'd been punched repeatedly in the chest for a few days after and wearing the fabric sleeve was uncomfortable at times but these were minor grievances to the bigger picture.

Six months after the operation and I was a different person. More confident, much happier, I've found the motivation to start working out again and I feel I can achieve anything.

To all those who are thinking of having the operation, you are the only person who knows how important this operation would be to you and although it shouldn't be taken lightly I am happy to be one example of a person whose life will remain changed by the fantastic work of Mark Soldin. C.I.

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